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Does your website talk?
Or does it market?

While other marketing campaigns are short-lived, a website is a campaign that runs 24×7. It’s the first digital user experience of your brand a consumer gets.
Does the content drone on and on?
Does the website take time to load?
Are the services and offerings unclear?
Is the user getting lost in pages?
These are the some of the questions you must consider when developing a website. At Changing Tree, whether it is revamping an existing website or designing from one scratch, we tackle all these problems with our host of services.

“Creative without strategy is art.. With it, it’s advertising.”

How often have you been stuck in a traffic jam wondering if only you had checked the maps once? Without a proper digital roadmap, your brand will be stuck in the heavy traffic of numerous brands trying to say the same thing over and over to the same people. It’s not enough to have a strong enough USP. It has to be conveyed to the buyers and prospective customers, without bombarding them with random call-to-actions. This is where a planned, phased out digital strategy helps. In the small yet crowded digital world, the only way to stick out is to say the right thing at the right time to the right people. How do we accomplish this?

UI & UX Design

Working with our clients in every phase from wireframe, information architecture, layout design to UX audit

Content Development

Balancing the content to pique the target audience while effectively incorporating keywords

Responsive Design

Assuring usability and satisfaction in experience across a variety of devices, screen sizes and orientation

Plugin Compatibility

Allowing on a need basis, blog integration, social media links, heatmap analysis & more

AI Chats

Offering an engaging user experience by incorporating 3rd party chatbots and Whatsapp