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Where there is wit, there’s witness.

Can a like or share change to a lead?

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?

Of course, social media is the way to go when it comes to building a brand. Unleash its true potential, and you’ll end up with more than regular followers.
Most people believe that social media marketing is all about getting “viral” content out there. Trust us, it’s a lot more.
A social media handle is the face of your brand, and it must strive to reflect the same level of service that you provide in the real world. That’s why your digital partner must have a thorough understanding of what your brand is all about.
If you have this nailed, a social media page generates leads as well as any other platform does.
At Changing Tree, we provide the ultimate brand experience for your target audience across social media with the below services.

Creation of Social Media Handles

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin – what works best for your brand, we’ll put you there

Design & Content Development

Are you quirky or classy? Funny or serious? We identify the right image for your brand and convey the same

Planning & Execution Strategy

Between current topics, offers and services, we balance the content to keep your brand relevant all the time

Paid Campaigns

We understand the latest ad formats and periodically post sponsored content and direct audience to points of purchase

Reputation Management

We engage with followers, respond to every review or comment while reflecting the brand values

Social Media Reports

We track the followers, likes and engagements and review which ads and content work best for the brand